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we had some good times, yeah?

For the most part, this journal is now abandoned. I just need a fresh start, you know? This is still somewhat my "main" journal I'll use for communities and fandoms (and maybe that occasional fandom-entry) because of a paid account I have here that won't expire until November but most of my activity will be on my new journal.

I've already added people who (I've assumed) don't find my entries to be burdensome and/or boring so if you don't mind, you can add me on my new journal (it would make me very happy!):

hyuns hyuns hyuns

And if not, I wish you all the best. I'm glad we were friends and enjoyed any interaction we had. I find it a pity that the friendship never did go somewhere (or just fizzled out) but, hey, I guess that's life. Take care and good luck. ♥♥ And who knows, maybe we'll cross paths in the future and strike up a friendship again. It happens. :)

stock » hear me roar

omg why do i do this

No, I'm not [quite] back yet because I am still just leeching off of other people's computers (I think my visiting brother hates me because I've used his own laptop more than he does, oops) until I figure out what to do. Get a new laptop? Repair? Connect to an external monitor and use this laptop as a desktop? All the holiday madness sort of delayed all this, you see. You'll all know this if you follow the random tweets I make here and there.

But, yeah, sobs, I just did a tiny, tiny friends cut mainly because when I come back I intend to get to know all of you better (2010 was just the year where I ignored everyone and remained elusive because I was a depressed mess) and if you were cut I probably got the impression that you had no interest in that because A) you never comment (not that I blame you) or B) I haven't seen you post an entry in ages (or you have and I don't know). Do know that you all seem like awesome people and it is a regret that we never did get a chance to ~talk~. I hope you all the best for 2011, though! And, uh, who knows. Maybe we'll bump into each other on the interwebz in the future and strike up a nice conversation! :DD Second chances and all.

i love you all. ♥
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